Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tribal Galaxies

I've been going sooooo slowly at this whole challenge thing (and to be honest, this manicure and blog post are desperate attempts to put off the 10 page scene I'm supposed to be writing) so I decided to put two of the days together. Here's my take on days 16 and 19--tribal and galaxy nails-- combined! These two are designs that have been done and done and done, and I wanted to find an interesting way to do each of them, but after some inspiration (from society6 AGAIN) I thought this was the perfect way to add a twist to each design!

I swear, society6 is my new go-to source for inspiration! There are so many different and interesting prints and patterns that I'm always bound to come away with an idea. Also it makes me want to spend ludicrous amounts of money, but that's another issue altogether. I haven't caved yet which is good!

Here's the design I was inspired by:

The colors I used in this manicure were China Glaze Man Hunt (seriously, if you like dark blue polishes, you should get this one. Incredible formula and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.), Flyin' High and Something Sweet, American Apparel The Valley, Essie Playdate, a Forever 21 holo glitter, and my old favorite, UO Virgin. (I NEED AT LEAST 8 MORE BOTTLES OF THIS)


  1. That manicure is just amazing! You had such a great idea! The colours are really pretty.

  2. Oooft, this deisgn is gorgeous! :D

  3. i really love these! they turned out great. also, i accidentally went to the society6 iphone case section after you posted about it before and i literally had to stop looking because i wanted to buy every case and also paint every design on my nails. i want to do just a month of society6 designs.

    1. Haha I know! I could easily do a whole month of designs inspired by the prints there. And everything is soooo tempting. Such a dangerous place to browse!

  4. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! Seriously, combining tribal and galaxy nails was an ingenious idea. Your nails came out sooo pretty, I'm in love <3

  5. Found your blog through Chalkboard nails! I love all your designs and glad to see you're a fellow floral junkie :). I'm convinced you were indirectly tempting me to visit society6.com, to appease these obvious commands of yours I found myself in the iPhone case section and then completely understanding what you meant about it's temptations. I think this is just a sign that I need to continue procrastinating by reading your blog and ogling at society6.

  6. i love this design! are you currently in germany?