Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glitter! Also I Swear I'm Not Dead

Yeah, I've been slacking off lately. Things have been super busy and also I've just been kind of lazy. I have senioritis in pretty much every aspect of my life. WHOOPS. But here's the glitter day of the 31 day challenge! I have no idea what this polish is called (it's from Urban Outfitters and I got it for Christmas last year and the label fell off WHOOPS AGAIN)

I tried out the peel-off glue method of base coat for this manicure and it was AMAZING. I'll be honest, it was almost too amazing for me. It's my own fault though. I did these about 30 minutes before volleyball practice and when I was putting my shoes on, one nail smudged. I hadn't really let the layers of polish dry and I always start painting my nails WAYY too soon before I have places to be and also I'm dumb. But anyways, once the nail smudged, I peeled it off, because HEY, that's what the glue base is for! And it was so easy! Wow! Essentially, by the time practice was over, my nails were bare the the gym was littered with these beautiful little pieces of polish. I actually found one yesterday during my warmup, four days later. WHOOPS NUMBER 3.

This polish was super hard to photograph, but I think I got it alright. None of these polishes can accurately capture how freakin' SPARKLY this guy is, but you have an idea of it! It's super dense microglitters, a mix of silver holographic and then some deep pink ones. Really gorgeous, but it is a total hungry polish. It needed at least two layers of top coat to smooth it out, and could probably use more.

To do the peel-off base coat, I just used some regular white Elmer's glue painted on with a really old fluffly paint brush. It was that easy!

Sooooo pretttyyyyyy : )



  1. That's a pretty glitter! Sad you didn't wear it longer though! Can you please advise your readers two things to avoid when they're using this method?
    The first one is a strenghtener: Mavala scientifique (it's not a basecoat). If you use it before doing a peel off mani, the mani will not peel off!
    The second thing people should do is to put a basecoat over the gluecoat, because polishes stains through the glue!
    I did the two mistakes when I used this method and my nail polish was hard to remove & my bare nails become smurfs nails :/

  2. i've avoided trying the glue method pretty much specifically because i know i won't be able to resist picking it all off within the first two hours. this polish is awesome, it's like a pink version of the glitters in the cg on safari lineup!

  3. Do you think Tacky Glue would work as well?

  4. Ooooo I know the name of this polish. It's Afterhours!

  5. Glad you're not dead! And it looks like a cool glitter :)

  6. Gorgeous polish! The glue technique sounds like a lifesaver, I'll have to try it soon!